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You will find Bob on the Conservative Party line.

When you vote on Election Day, this is where you will find Bob Fois on the ballot:

Bob Fois offers residents voters a choice on Election Day.
Bob’s candidacy is our only competitive town-wide election.

Today is Election Day – Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Polls are open until 9:00 pm

Meet Bob Fois

Bob Fois is a lifelong resident who loves Eastchester. He believes our town can benefit from a more open and transparent council member on the town board.

Bob has been a journalist, a school teacher and an on-air radio host. He worked with former Congressman Joe DioGuardi to promote reforms in municipal finance. Bob knows how to improve public information and raise awareness on those issues that matter to you.

Local and independent, Bob Fois will offer more than a “yes” vote on every resolution. Bob knows how to constructively disagree with Town Hall and still work cooperatively to sustain Eastchester’s quality of life. He believes our town board has to speak up and be heard.

Most of you know Bob as a civic volunteer, particularly as chair of the Eastchester Town Conservative Committee. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, serving as Deputy Grand Knight with the John A. Keogh Council out of the Immaculate Conception parish. Bob is also actively working with Friends of The Ward House to save that historic landmark.

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Local Issues Matter

Whether the issues are flooding or fighting crime, parking or traffic, sidewalk dining or the bureaucracy of zoning, Bob understands the need for responsiveness and a sense of urgency.

Problem solving is an important part of public service, as is communication and returning phone calls/emails promptly. Eastchester needs pro-active representation and Bob Fois is prepared to be that kind of public servant.

These issues aren’t just words. They are about people and our town’s quality of life. Bob won’t let you down.

Keep Eastchester Safe

Local police need our full support to fight crime. Bob will do everything to help law enforcement keep Eastchester safe.

To support our police, Bob understands that our local officials should be more proactively (and publicly) advocating for an end to cashless bail.


Lower taxes help keep our town affordable. Bob will reduce your financial burden by holding down spending.

Retail stores generate sales tax revenue that ease our property tax burden. Bob wants every action taken by Town Hall to help the former Lord & Taylor property open up for business sooner.

Open & Responsive Government

We need rapid responses to problems. As your Town Councilman, Bob Fois will be there for you 24/7.

Bob will speak up and ask the difficult questions. He respects why residents want more open discussion between board members at meetings.

Public Information

With newspapers and radio stations closing, our town has far less news coverage. We need far more communication from our public servants.

Bob is proposing a greater utilization of our free cable public access channels. He believes residents and our elected officials can turn this into a source of far greater public information.

Fighting Bureaucracy

We need careful zoning but Town Hall takes too long. Bob believes the process can be streamlined and less expensive.

Our zoning regulations are critically important, though so is our tax base and quality of life. Homeowners and businesses can benefit from less time-consuming bureaucracy.

Wake Up Call

Tired of watching only “yea” votes every town board meeting? Long-term incumbency can dull the responsiveness of politicians. We should remind those in charge why they were first elected in 2003.

Bob Fois is independent of any political control and he is not a rubber stamp. Your vote will send Town Hall a message that they can’t take us for granted.

“I know Eastchester is great place to live and want to keep it that way. I grew up here. I have lived here all my life. I welcome the opportunity to serve the people of our town. I know I can do my part. As important, I will do everything to further sustain our wonderful quality of life — and help make Eastchester even better!”

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